Airplanes rental

N3568G - Piper Warrior, PA-28-161

1980 Piper Warrior II/III, PA-28-161, N3568G

$120/hr WET Lease (plus tax)

Comm 1: Michel MX-170C with Glide Slope
Comm 2: King KX-170B NAV/COMM

2020 ADS-B Compliant

​VFR Certified
115 KTAS Cruise
961 Pound Useful Load

Used for Private Pilot Training, Advanced Training and Rental

More information is located on our "Operations" page

N2189T - Piper Cherokee, PA-28-180

1972 Piper Cherokee 180 G, PA-28-180, N2189T

 $130/hr WET Lease (plus tax)

Comm 1: Garmin GTN 650 GPS/NAV/COMM 

Comm 2: BendixKing  KX-155 with Glide Slope

2020 ADS-B Compliant

IFR Certified​

120 KTAS Cruise

989 Pound Useful Load

Used for Advanced Training and Rental

​​More information is located on our "Operations" page

Our Rental Aircraft Include:

-Stratus 2, which provides the information below directly to ForeFlight, Fltplan Go, FlyQ, WingX, and IFLy GPS Apps on your iOS device:
       Subscription-Free Weather
       Waas Gps
       Stratus Replay
       ADS-B Traffic
       Backup Attitude (AHRS)
       Flight Data Recorder

-Pilot and Co-pilot iPad mini yoke mounts.

       The installed mounts will accept any generation of iPad Mini regardless of the case used.

Additional Information:
-Our aircraft are always hangar kept.      
-Windshields and Leading Edges are cleaned frequently.
-Copies of current maintenance inspections are included with the flight log.

​-Headsets are available for Rent.